Building Survey in France. Property Maintenance – a forward looking approach

Building Survey in France. Property Maintenance – a forward looking approach 

A Building Survey in France is of real value not only to allow informed decisions in the buying process, but also for existing homeowners. The Building Survey allows for a logical and planned approach to your Property Maintenance in France.

Properties are often presented to the market with statements within the details such as ‘in good condition’ although the qualification and basis upon which such statements are made is often questionable. A detailed inspection of concealed joists deep within the roof void or floor void can often tell a very different storey!

The Building Survey Report details defects and wants of repair with remedial options. This will then allow for an assessment of budget costs and consideration within the overall purchase with informed decision making.

Importantly when undertaking a Building Survey in France we undertake a detailed inspection to assess:

  • The current condition and wants of repair. This will allow for informed decisions to be made within the buying process
  • The anticipated future position in years to come taking account of matters that are developing or run the risk of so doing.

Both of the above points are critical. However, the second point is really valuable in terms of allowing for a Planned Maintenance Programme to be adopted. For example, there may be a situation where there is compromised ventilation to a floor void. As a result, the timber within the void might currently be showing early signs of decay or insect attack. Early intervention by way of enhancement of ventilation can arrest the position at an early stage rather than allowing it to develop and then require a significantly more expensive and disruptive repair. It is often the implementation of very simple modifications and Planned Maintenance that can avoid the need for future costly and disruptive repair works. “A stitch in time…”

Accordingly the Building Survey Report provides real value now in respect of providing information upon which informed decisions can be made in the buying process. The survey report also provides value to the future by way of reduced repair and maintenance costs. The report can be tailored so as to provide a Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP) for your house, allowing works to be undertaken in logical sequence. This will also reduce disruption and allow for phased budget planning. All too often we see examples of property maintenance that has focussed on particular areas such as external decoration of windows and yet no maintenance has been undertaken within the roof void where often much more costly remedial work may be required unless maintenance is undertaken. For this reason a Survey Report is also of real value in respect of a house that you already own, providing a Planned Programme for your Property Maintenance in France. The Building Survey Report can be sent by pdf or hard copy.

Building Survey in France.

Building Survey in France. Report issued in bound hard copy or emailed as pdf file.