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Structural Survey in France. Traditional strategy to treat wood rot and provide future natural defence

Structural Survey in France – this brief summary presents the traditional strategy for the treatment and prevention of wood rot within buildings.  When undertaking a Structural Survey in France we adopt this approach in the recommendations. It is very similar to the approach for addressing wood worm. The process of wood decay is an essential part of the ecosystem, converting […]

Strategic approach to combat termites in France

The following blog summarises the strategic approach to combat termites in France.  As a Building Surveyor in France we adopt this approach when undertaking surveys.  Termites are small insects that feed upon the cellulose of wood. There are 7 species found in France, most prominently in the South West albeit they are expanding info further areas as the climate […]

RICS Surveys in France. Traditional roof construction in France

When undertaking an RICS French property survey, we see that many UK buyers tend to favour period properties either for permanent occupation or for holiday homes. When first viewing the loft space within French properties, many buyers are often concerned to see a vast array of bright spots of sunlight piercing the gaps between tiles. Furthermore, buyers […]

Building Survey in France. Property Maintenance – a forward looking approach

Building Survey in France. Property Maintenance – a forward looking approach  A Building Survey in France is of real value not only to allow informed decisions in the buying process, but also for existing homeowners. The Building Survey allows for a logical and planned approach to your Property Maintenance in France. Properties are often presented to the […]

English speaking Surveyor in France. Property maintenance

The correct property maintenance and repair is essential to allow for reduced costs over time. As an English speaking surveyor in France, we undertake RICS surveys for clients wishing to buy properties and also for existing homeowners with recommendations for planned property maintenance programmes. We are increasingly seeing defects that are of significant scale often […]